160+ Men Have Gone GUTLESS!
Father, Husband and "White Mamba" Bob Donlan Loses 37lbs in 8-Weeks
How Chris Lost 31lbs & Boosted His Confidence In 8-Weeks With GUTLESS
How Father, Farmer, & College Football Player Nathan Lost 25lbs Ditch & His GUT After Decades of Struggle
How Father, Husband & Sports Executive Steve Caric Lost 43lbs In 8-Weeks With GUTLESS
How Mark R Lost 28lbs, Cured Diabetes & High Blood Pressure With GUTLESS
Sports Agent & Father Kenny Chapman Loses 47lbs in 8-Weeks With GUTLESS
How Chris Lost 23lbs In 8-Weeks & Upgraded His Mindset In 8-Weeks With GUTLESS
What Kind Of Man Is Bryce Anderson & How Father & AMAZON Engineer, Tom Weldon Lost 24lbs In 8-Weeks With GUTLESS
"I've known Bryce for years and have signed up for every course he has ever produced because they have consistently improved my life. However, GUTLESS has flat out changed my life. I am no longer worried about dying young and how others perceive me. I am proud of my struggle and triumph over gut fat and lost 76-lbs! Never thought it was possible. Feeling amazing."
Justin Barr, Dad, CEO & GUTLESS G.O.A.T.
Orange County
"As a celebrity I'm in the public eye a lot. I wanted to lose 19lbs and did not know how to do it. I had tried a lot of programs, nothing worked long term. Gutless allowed me the drop the weight and keep it off. Gutless works!"
Dave Kim, Dad & Celebrity Musician
San Francisco
“Wanted to start 2018 by reclaiming my health so I decided to give gutless a shot. Fast. Easier than everything else I've tried. Effective. Tastes good. I got rid of 16 pounds in no time it was crazy. Consistently works for a lot of different guys. I highly recommend it. It worked for me. It will work for you. 
Jason Del Grande, Human Capital Consultant
Marin County
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"Bryce helped me lose 20 pounds in 6 weeks. Then I went on to lose 27 pounds that I thought I'd never lose. I haven't been this weight 
since college and 6 months later, I'm still 
lean, mean, gutless and feeling great."
Chris Palm, Cyber Security
San Francisco
“I’ve never been able to get down to 172lbs even through 30days of fasting, as in not eating. As a father of 2 and a husband, I have a responsibility to myself to my family to remain healthy and stick around for a long-time. When I chatted with Bryce, I wasn’t entirely convinced that I could get down to 172lbs, but I did and I’ve had to buy an entirely new wardrobe. Thank you Bryce. Lost 31lbs in 6 weeks and went on to lose 49lbs after that.”  
Ramsey W, Dad & Cyber Secuity
San Francisco
"I was in pretty good shape, but couldn't get rid of my belly fat despite working out and eating what I thought was pretty clean. Gutless helped me lose my belly fat and has positively impacted all aspects of my life. I dropped about 12-lbs in 6 weeks and then 17-lbs by 8-weeks.
Paul Yanosy, Venture Capitalist
“When I heard about BK, I wasn’t sure how much weight I’d actually lose, but I was pretty convinced based on seeing all the testimonials that it would work for me. Not only did I lose 31lbs, but I put on a bunch of muscle. I've been told that I look 5 years younger and I feel much better. The food is delicious; the workouts are very reasonable. Nothing but good things to say about gutless.” 
Phil Dillard, Veteran & CEO
San Francisco
“Diabetes and heart disease runs in my family. I want to be around to see my kids grow up and wanted to get my energy back. I was doubtful in the beginning, but Bryce and my GUTLESS brothers kept me motivated and I hit 100% of my goal which feels really good. A lot of people have noticed and have complimented me on my new physique. My wife and kids are excited for me and I have recommended BK to a lot of my friends. Great program. Bryce really cares, knows his stuff and it really works. You should absolutely do it. I'm down 30-lbs!
Sherman U, Dad & Tech Salesman
United Kingdom
I cut 17 pounds in 5 weeks. “This program allowed me to get in the best shape I’ve been in since college. I feel great. My energy is better and I actually enjoy the meals. I have lost a lot of my gut. It works fast.” 
Martin Frankel, Attorney & Developer
Los Gatos
“I’m in my 30’s now and recently single so I wanted to see my abs again and trim down before springtime. In just a couple of weeks I was down 8lbs and my stomach was flattening out. Just a couple weeks after that I could see my abs again. Now I've lost 14 pounds and feel amazing. The diet is delicious and like Bryce says diet is 80% of the equation. He was not kidding. GUTLESS is something I can stick to and I’ve seen it work time and time again for dozens of men." 
Erich Giles, Tech Sales
San Francisco
 “Man, what can I say, losing 31-lb of weight improved just about every aspect of my life. I lost 20 pounds in the first month. That was nuts. But, the best part is I have been able to keep the weight off. So happy I did this."  
Matt Dyson, Product Developer
New York
 “Coming into this, I had a lot of weight to lose. I am a Dad and being busy at work and with my fatherly responsibilities left me little time to workout. Following the program, I lost 11lbs in the first 2 weeks and ended up losing 29lbs and I am just getting started. Bryce is really good at helping guys redefine their relationship with food and drives results for everyone that stays the course. Game changer.” 
Robert LeRoy, Dad & CEO
Wondering If These Stories Are Real? Join The GUTLESS 1000 FB Group for free & Ask Them. They're all in there & ready to support you! 
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